Seek. Identify. Change!

Are you singing someone else’s song?

As human beings, we try hard and then we try even harder! We want to show our professional selves, demonstrating our skills and abilities. We are fond of acknowledgement and promotions. We frequently create more stress and pressure for ourselves than others create for us. Many of us spend a great deal of our lives comparing ourselves to other people, including strong positive or negative evaluations of who we are and how we perform.

We may accomplish all or most of our goals. We may achieve great results. Fantastic! However, when exhaustion or disappointment or frustration with others becomes too prominent, it is time to reflect. It may be time to change. Make your own music!

Heather Nehring coaches individuals, acting as a sparring partner while they refine both their focus and their understanding of what they seek. Once properly identified, change is much closer than most of us imagine!

Change comes in small steps. The new skill for many of us, is to learn to notice and appreciate the small but positive change that we might otherwise disregard or ignore. Building momentum this way makes change more and more interesting.

Heather examines habits, beliefs and practices together with her clients. This often takes the form of a gentle look in the mirror before choosing to look in new directions.