Create. Develop. Participate!

Heather Nehring works with groups and teams as they create their own approaches, engaging on the demanding topics in today’s work settings. Together, they develop the desired path, focusing on goals, while they enhance their abilities to work effectively.

·       Participatory learning happens in Workshops
·       Workshops with individual Coaching
·       Group process-development on specific topics
·       Group Coaching

The significance of empathy and compassion, not to mention mindfulness, can no longer be edited out of business and work experiences. Heather’s fascination with learning about mind and body is reflected, but does not dominate her approach to work in groups.

Should the group gain new knowledge or develop more clarity around working together? Both outcomes are enhanced by design, which differentiates between these two important “levels”. Individuals gain the space to Participate based on their own needs and interests, while working within the group. Heather’s past projects span more than 20 years and include:

  • High Potentials: Impact of Lifestyles and Generations

  • Concept Development of governmental Programs, i.e. Stakeholder involvement on Integration

  • International Sales Team: Analyzing Strengths

  • Working in Teams in international settings

  • Resilience

  • Personal Effectiveness

  • How do I Communicate? (individual communication, presentations, use of technology)

  • Managing Meetings

  • Intercultural Awareness